Spiritual Bouquet

A ‘spiritual bouquet’ is a group of prayers gathered together for a particular intention. The idea is that each prayer is like a flower and that the group is like a bouquet mystically offered as a gift to God for a particular intention.

Between now and the upcoming 2016 CPA Conference, members and friends of the CPA can join in offering a Spiritual Bouquet for the success of the CPA Conference and the intentions of our supporting Catholic bishops.

How do I participate?
1. Simply decide what you plan to do (for example: Rosaries, Holy hours, Days of fasting, Acts of charity, etc.)
2. Example: My contribution to the Spiritual bouquet will be: 20 Rosaries, 10 Weekly Masses, 1 Day of fasting
3. Email your contribution to: infocatholicpsychotherapy@verizon.net (RE: Spiritual Bouquet)
4. Your intentions will be added to the chart of good works below.
5. The total contribution will be presented during the CPA Conference.


Rosaries Masses
54 59
Divine Mercy Chaplets Adoration/Holy Hours
60 17
Spiritual Works of Mercy Daily/Weekly Fasting
6 22