In the interest of strengthening the CPA network within its membership, within those who support our mission, and to more closely collaborate with the US Catholic Bishops, the CPA has established a network of representatives organized by ecclesial (CARA) region. 

Following is a current list of the CPA Regional Representatives as of June 10, 2019. Please note that we welcome multiple reps in a region as that will promote the networking and reps in different locations and/or with different backgrounds i.e. clinical, academic etc. bring different contacts to the network. Contact Valerie Conzett, CPA Board Secretary and Networking Committee Chair, for more info or to volunteer.

Region I: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont

  • (Greenwich, CT) Greg Bottaro 347-705-0406
  • (Boston, MA) Betty Whittaker 774-454-8922
  • (Marlboro, MA) Stella Ukairo 919-667-7622 

Region II: New York

  • (Buffalo, NY)  Stacy Salamone  716-548-1202  Student member

Region III: New Jersey and Pennsylvania

  • (Trenton NJ) Adriane Gullotta-Gsell 732-741-3077
  • (Thornhurst, PA) Deb Rojas  617-633-6084

Region IV: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Military Archdiocese

  • (Fairfax, VA) Tammy Beaven 571-451-9136 

Region V: Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee

  • (Mobile, AL) Bridget Hannahan 251-421-4313 

Region VI: Michigan and Ohio

  • (Perrysburg, OH) Kathy Didion 419-409-6157 

Region VII: Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin

  • (Westfield, IN) Judi Phillips 317-828-3167

Region VIII: Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota

  • (South St. Paul, MN) Michael Gross 312-613-3113
  • (Deephaven, MN) Melissa Nichols 763-218-4807
  • (Deephaven, MN) Todd Nichols 763-218-4808 

Region IX: Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska

  • (Omaha, NE) Interim Rep  Valerie Conzett 402-676-4333

Region X: Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas

  • (Stafford, TX) Ken Buckle 713-818-8354 

Region XI: California, Hawaii and Nevada

  • (Monterey, CA) Cynthia Hunt 209-769-2867
  • (Sacramento, CA)  Bryan Kelso 916-899-4508

Region XII: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington

  • (Edmonds, WA) Dcn. Ray Biersbach, PhD 425-582-7801

    Region XIII: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming

    • (Phoenix, AZ) Anne Vargas-Leveriza 602-354-2396 

    Region XIV: Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virgin Islands

    • (Lakeland, FL) Jackie Reycraft 863-398-9877
    • (Gainesville, FL) Pam Demers 352-359-9883
    • (Miami) Maryellen Ebert 786-301-7681

    Region XV: (International)

    • (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) Marlene Furey 902-404-2230
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