Handouts for the 2022 CPA Conference

April 29th, 2022 - Main Conference Day 1

Opening Plenary Session - Theology and Psychotherapy in Search of a Common Language - Msgr. Michael Magee

Session 101 - Transformational Training: Relational Supervision from a Catholic Worldview - Edward B. Rogers, PsyD, Kristi Stefani, PsyD

Session 102 - Introduction to TEAM-CBT: Examining the Compatibility of TEAM Philosophy & Methods with Catholic Anthropology - Bridget Hannahan, PhD 

Session 103 - Transformational Affect: An Integrated Understanding of Emotions from Catholic Anthropology and Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) - Daniel McClure, PsyD, LP, Paul Ruff

      Session 201 - Formation and Longevity of the Trauma-Focused Clinician: Allowing Grace to Transform our Nature - Jennifer A. Madere, MA, LPC-S 

      Session 202 - Words with a Purpose: Transforming Childhood Trauma with Stories of Grace - Melissa Nichols, LMFT, Denise Lacher, MA LP

      Session 203 -  Psychotherapy of the Desert: Holy Father's Insights into the Human Condition and its Potential for Transformation - Donna Dobrowolski, MD 

      Session 301 -  The Personalist Psychology of Pope Saint John Paul II: Anthropological Foundations for Clinical Training and Practice - Keith A. Houde, PhD  

      *No Handout Offered*

      Session 302 -  The Transformative Gift of Charity: Supporting families to achieve optimal development and lifespan flourishing Sister Elena Marie Piteo, PhD 

      Session 303 -  Conversing with Grace: Using Catholic Social Teaching and Therapeutic Skill to Transform Difficult Dialogues Edward B. Rogers, PsyD, Deacon Omar Gutierrez, 

      April 30th, 2022 - Main Conference Day 2

      Session 401 - Formation of the Catholic Psychotherapist: Jesus' Parables as Models of Competent Praxis - Raymond Biersbach, PhD 

      Session 402 - Thomistic Anthropology & the Baars-Terruwe Model: Clinical Use and Interventions for Catholic Psychotherapy - Suzanne Baars, PhD  

      Session 403 - Introducing Integratus: The Flagship Journal of the Catholic Psychotherapy Association - Anthony Isacco, PhD, Jennifer Madere, MA, Fr. Martin Burnham, PhD, Brigette Erwin, PhD, Matthew Breuninger, PhD, Robert Kugelmann, PhD & Jesse Fox, PhD

          Session 501 - Spiritual Formation of the Catholic Clinician – Establishing a Theoretical Approach and Practical Applications  - Gerry Crete, PhD, Peter Martin, PsyD

          Session 502 - Understanding Trauma and Epigenetic Influence Through the Catholic Lens - Larry G. Freeney, MA Laura Aguirre MA, LPC 

          *No Handout Offered*

          Session 503 -  Catholic Evidence-Based Practices Promote Imitation of Our Lady Who is the Perfection of Nature Transformed by Grace Brigette Erwin, PhD

          Session 601 -  Psychotherapist, Heal Thyself! Tailoring Practical Human Formation Plans for Catholic Therapists Now - Peter Malinoski, PhD

           *No Handout Offered*

          Session 602 -  It Never Turns Off: Anxiety in Prayer Br. Fred Cabras, OFM Capuchin, MDiv, LCSW 

          *No Handout Offered*

          Session 603 -  Where's the Data?: A Proposal for Clinician Based Research in the CPADaniel Roberson, MA, MBA, Anthony Isacco, PhD & Peter Martin, PsyD 

          Closing Plenary Session - Integrating Body and Soul: Principles for a Catholic Approach to Gender Dysphoria Susan Canty Selner-Wright, PhD & Andrew Sodergren, MTS, PsyD 

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