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FrGroeschelThe members of the Board of Directors of the Catholic Psychotherapy Association (CPA) are saddened at the passing of Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR. He was a light in the darkness of the secular world for those of us Catholic psychotherapists who desire to integrate the truths of the Catholic Faith into our practice of counseling. Fr. Groeschel taught and guided us with his inimitable wit and humor through both spoken and written word. No doubt many members of the CPA would say that his wisdom will have a lasting effect upon them throughout their personal and professional lives.

The CPA honored Fr. Groeschel with its first Lifetime Achievement Award at its annual conference which was held in Denver, CO in 2011. This award recognizes contributions to the field of Catholic mental health. Fr. Groeschel will be greatly missed, but his presence will be felt in the hearts of generations of psychotherapists and clients for decades to come. May he rest in peace.